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Click here to see some of the latest songs Tim has put on to Spotify. Add his songs to your playlists.


Click here to see all of Tim's latest tweets. Check here for updates on tour dates and other opportunities.


Visit Tim's YouTube channel to see all of his latest videos and music. Make sure to like and subscribe.


Burn Up is the latest EP by Tim Newman. You can probably hear it playing now if you have your sound turned on. 

You can purchase all of the official Burn Up or Chosen Clothing merchandise and hoodies right here. 
Tim Newman is currently managed by Platoon and works closely alongside Marketing Musicians Ltd.

Tim was as young as 13 when he first started busking. Now he plays all over the UK, most recently he held a number of performances at Winter Wonderland in London. 

2019 also marks the completion of his first single Burn Up and his first European Tour. Catch up with all Tim’s adventures on YouTube.

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